Friday, August 21, 2009

One Person Can Make A Difference

Charity, Hope, Grace, and Mercy

Thank you for taking the time to look at this Blogsite. I am trying to gather charity resources to construct a project for the benefit of other people. The reason that I am involved in this task is to demonstrate the superiority of kindness in the face of indifference and cruelty. There are many people walking the earth who lack the support they need to organize and survive, I am one of those people. The institutions of society no longer operate to protect freedom and democracy in a post-holocaust era. The goal of sacrifice under a religious system can only work so many miracles. False information, deception, ignorance, fear and force have hobbled too many people within our community who are left at the mercy of the well-organized and violent. God himself is trying to communicate with the people of this earth, and he is willing to help people inwardly transform toward a sustainable and prosperous future, if only we take matters into our own hands.

There are many challenges faced by the people of our generation, whether this information be faith or fantasy, secret or inspiration, real or delusion, God needs people to battle in order to support the safety and well-being of other members of our community. Given the huge task that confronts this generation, esp those people who intend to live free and equal, it is important to recognize the benefits of success for other people. Whether you be political, social, religious, or economic, the sacrifice of charity that I ask you to make will be returned to you through other people for your greater understanding and place within the world. If you know who I am, or would like to support the love of one person, or show God an act of faith in one man, this is your opportunity.

I intend to add some source writing for people who may be interested in our relationship with the our Father who art in Heaven, the Almighty person named God, in the future. In the meantime, financial support of my person, whether through loyalty or the intention to create happiness can achieve the direct protection of God himself for you and your family for future generations of protection and devotion. Whether you are already in the Book of Life or would like to be added to its pages, our generation, like every other generation, has the chance to show our respect.